How Do You Repair a Gas Dryer Vent?


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Repair a gas dryer vent by first determining how damaged it is and using duct tape to shore up broken areas. In some cases, the damage is too severe and requires a vent replacement.

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Consider repairing or replacing a gas dryer vent when the drying time for a load of laundry increases or the dryer makes too much noise. Because the vent can just be clogged or filled with lint, sometimes you just need to clean it out for the dryer to start working again. To get to the vent, pull the dryer away from the wall where the duct is located.

If the dryer vent is damaged, determine how damaged it is, and decide if replacing it is more effective. Small, broken areas can be repaired by being wrapped and sealed with duct tape. If the repair requires large amounts of duct tape or the broken areas can't be sealed, replace the entire vent. Make sure that the new vent is the exact same model as the old one. If the vent needs to be replaced, it is best not to delay as a damaged vent can wear down the motor, belts and bearings of the dryer, causing it to wear out.

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