How Do You Repair a Garage Door Sensor?

How Do You Repair a Garage Door Sensor?

To repair a garage door sensor, ensure the wires are connected properly in the sensor's receiver, clean the receiver's screws, and take out any objects that might obstruct the sensor's beam. In addition, adjust the height of the sensor's receiver and transmitter so both are fixed 6 inches above the floor.

Begin repairing a garage door sensor by disconnecting the power supply to it at the power switch or fuse box.

To connect the sensor receiver's wires properly, undo the screws located on the receiver's side with a Phillips screwdriver. Take out the two wires that go around the screws. Using a knife blade, scrape the bare wires until the copper shines. Spray the screws with electrical cleaning spray for two seconds.

Then, replace the wires around the screws, and tighten the latter in the receiver. Also, clean the sensor's front using compressed air.

To remove objects that obstruct the sensor's beam, first imagine a line running between the sensor's receiver and transmitter. Take out all objects, such as loose leaves, that lie under this line and near the sensor's components. Clean the areas with a broom.

To adjust the height of the sensor's components, check if the height from the garage floor to the sensor's receiver or transmitter is 6 inches with a measuring tape. If this is not the case, mark the 6-inch point on the garage door frame's sides using a pencil. Undo the screws of the sensor's components, position them over the 6-inch mark, and screw them in place.