How Do You Repair a Front Door With Faulty Hinges?


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While there are several common problems with front door hinges, loose screw holes are a common repair and require filling the existing holes with a wooden dowel and epoxy wood filler. Once the repair is dry, redrill the screw holes, reinstall the hinge and attach the door using the hinge pin. Other issues with hinges include problems with the hinge pin and replacing the entire hinge. Doors are heavy and bulky, so enlist a helper before beginning repairs.

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Repairing stripped screw holes usually requires removing the door from the frame. If it has removable hingepins, have the helper hold the door while you remove the pins and then remove the door so it is out of the way. Determine if the stripped holes are in the door or the frame, and use a screwdriver to remove the hinge plate to access the damaged hole. Cut the dowel to the length of the screw, and press it into the hole. Fill the remaining area with a two-part epoxy wood filler. Once dry, the repaired door or frame are ready to reinstall hinges.

Hinges that are missing the pin do not operate correctly. Sometimes you can locate the missing pin on the floor near the door. Reinsert it in the hinge to make the repair.

Hinges that show excess wear require replacement. Remove the existing hinges from the door and frame. Take them to the hardware store and find new hinges approximately the same size to eliminate the need for mortising the door or frame again.

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