How Do You Repair Your Frigidaire Washer Using an Error Code?

To repair a Frigidaire washer using an error code, find out which problem the error code refers to, and then focus on addressing that issue. A list of error codes and suggested repairs can be found in the user manual for the model of Frigidaire washer experiencing the problem.

If no user manual is available, an error code can be diagnosed on the official Frigidaire website. To do this, navigate to the Frigidaire homepage and click on the Owner Support link at the top of the page. Find the model of Frigidaire washer experiencing the problem by entering the model number into the search box or clicking on the browse by product category link. Once the model has been found, download the user manual and diagnose the error code.

Common error codes on Frigidaire washers include E11 and E21. The E11 error code appears if the fill time is too long. Possible repairs for this error code include ensuring the water supply faucets are fully open, checking for a blockage in the drain system and replacing the inlet valve system. The E21 error code appears if the washer is draining slowly. Possible repairs include checking the drain pump for a clog and replacing the drain pump.