How Do You Repair a Frigidaire Refrigerator Door Seal?

To repair a Frigidaire refrigerator door seal, or gasket, clean off any dirt or mold, heat the part that is misshapen, and pull on the warm gasket to re-shape it. If these steps do not repair the gasket, replace it.

Gaskets prevent cold air leaking from the refrigerator, as well as hot air from entering the refrigerator. A leaking gasket may be deformed in spots, have visible moisture or mold, or cracks in the folds. To decide if the gasket needs to be replaced, close the refrigerator door on a dollar bill, then pull it out. If the dollar comes out easily or has moisture or mold on it, replace the gasket.

To replace a gasket, soak the new gasket in warm water, making it pliable and easier to install. Loosen the metal retainer screws by pulling back the old gasket. Make sure to not remove the screws completely as this causes the liner to separate from the frame. Pull off the old gasket and clean the area where the new gasket goes.

When attaching the new gasket, start at the top of the refrigerator and slide the gasket under the metal retainer, slightly tightening the screws in the process. Only tighten the screws completely when no gaps are detected. Remove any wrinkles by applying hot air.