How Do You Repair a Freezer Door Gasket?

How Do You Repair a Freezer Door Gasket?

To repair a freezer door gasket, owners must cut a good quality new gasket to size, defrost the freezer, remove the old gasket, clean the bracket, and screw in the new gasket under the bracket. The final step is testing the performance of the new seal, notes Do It Yourself.

Owners should always buy a good quality freezer door gasket that is free of tears and cracks and only choose gaskets designed for the freezer model. If only generic door gaskets are available, they can be cut down to the appropriate size.

Before installing the new freeze door seal, owners must defrost the freezer to remove any ice build-up under the existing gasket, disconnect the freezer, and then empty it. They should then loosen the brace on the underside of the door and lift the seal up to expose the screws that hold the brace in place. The next step is to loosen the screws, and pull the old gasket out.

The bracket must be cleaned with a rag, and the new gasket can be placed underneath the bracket with a gentle push. Tightening the screws firmly positions the seal. If there are any gaps, owners can warm the seal with a hair dryer or heat gun to reshape it, explains eHow.

Finally, owners can test the gasket performance by opening and closing the freezer door several times and checking for any cold air leaks along the edges.