How Do You Repair a Freeze-Damaged Outside Water Faucet?

How Do You Repair a Freeze-Damaged Outside Water Faucet?

In order to repair a freeze-damaged outside water faucet, cut out the damaged pipes and replace the pipes and valve with a frost-proof faucet. Follow all local plumbing codes and obtain any necessary permits before commencing work.

A frost-proof and anti-siphon cock allows excess water to drain out of the pipe, which prevents water from building up and freezing. To replace a damaged outdoor water faucet with a freeze-proof option:

  1. Perform prep work
  2. Before starting any work on plumbing, ensure the water is turned off at the main water shut off valve. Check all local building codes and obtain any necessary permits. Remove the old faucet and cut away the broken pipes. Create a list of necessary replacement parts.

  3. Install the new sill cock
  4. Install screw anchors and install the new sill cock in the wall. Apply silicone caulk around the back of the sill cock flange. Then attach the dialectic fitting to the new sill cock. Assemble the remaining pipes to the new fitting by soldering on couplings and using pipe tape to seal the threads. Solder the last copper pipes together.

This method works well for homes with a crawl space or basement that allows easy access to the pipes. For homes on a concrete slab, consider installing a screw-on anti-siphon valve to the exterior of the sill cock after the new pipes and valve are installed.