How Do You Repair the Frame of a Recliner?

To repair the frame of a recliner, take off the cover of the chair, and tighten all the nuts and bolt heads. Coat all the springs and coils with special lubricant, and replace all the broken metal parts in the base of the recliner. If the base of the recliner is made of wood, use wood glue to repair it.

Before starting repairs on the recliner, make sure that you have a hammer, screwdriver, screws, metal lubricant and a flat-head screwdriver. You may also need replacement hinges and wood glue. All the fittings of the recliner are located in its back, underneath the cover. Typically, the cover can be simply pulled off. Some covers have screws or nails holding them in place, so you may need to use a screwdriver or the claw end of a hammer to remove the cover.

To tighten the fittings, hold them using a wrench and turn them clockwise. Tightening the fittings and applying lubricant makes the recliner work more smoothly. It also stops the furniture from making creaking noises.

Any broken or bent metal hinges in the base of the chair need to be taken out with the flat head of a screwdriver and a hammer. If you are repairing a wooden base with wood glue, apply the glue and hold the wooden pieces together for some time. The amount of time may vary depending on the manufacturer and the type of glue.