How Do You Repair a Folding Aluminum Lawn Chair?

repair-folding-aluminum-lawn-chair Credit: John Collins/CC-BY-2.0

To repair a folding aluminum lawn chair, first remove any rust from its surface. The remainder of the repair process involves repairing damage caused by corrosion, fixing cracks in the aluminum, and changing worn-out webbing on the aluminum chair.

  1. Remove rust

    Eliminate rust by using a handheld rotary tool fitted with a wire bush to remove it. Alternatively, use sandpaper or steel wool to sand the area. Hold the wire brush against the rusted area to clean it. Once the rust is removed, apply a rust inhibitor to the area, and allow the inhibitor to dry naturally. Next, apply primer to the affected area. Follow by repainting the lawn chair.

  2. Repair corrosion

    Use a rotary tool fitted with a stainless brush to remove corrosion. Apply a degreaser to the area. Use steel wool to remove the scratches on the surface. Remove rust particles with a soft cloth, and follow by applying a coat of car wax to the chair.

  3. Fix cracks in the aluminum

    Fill cracks in aluminum chairs with small pieces of wire mesh. Coat the mesh with epoxy resin just before placing it over the cracked surface. Continue to coat the mesh with epoxy until it is entirely covered with it.

  4. Change worn-out webbing

    Use a knife to cut away worn-out webbing from an aluminum lawn chair. If necessary, use a screwdriver to remove fasteners holding the webbing in place. Replace a worn-out strap by measuring the length of the strap and cutting a new strap according to the measurement. Fold one end of the new strap to form a triangle, and then make a hole in the triangle. Weave the new strap through the straps on the chair. Ensure that the webbing is stretched tautly. Fold the other end of the strap to form another triangle, then make a hole in it as well. Use screws to attach the ends of the new strap to the chair.