How Do You Repair Fine Crystal?


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Techniques to repair fine crystal depend on the specific problem. Some common breaks include chipping and cracks. Depending on the severity, this damage can be repaired by hand or by a professional.

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To repair a small nick, file down the damaged area using a crystal file or a nail file, blending the impacted section into the surrounding area. This technique is best used to smooth sharp edges, preventing injuries to users. However, the nick or chip is likely to still be visible.

Keep the file wet with tap water while working for a smooth finish, filing in gentle strokes to avoid cracking. File only the chipped surface, since the unaffected surface of the glass scratches easily, and these scratches are difficult to polish out. Place the crystal on a piece of craft felt while filing, creating a cushion to protect the object from damage.

Fill in minuscule cracks with a sealing compound to maintain a whole piece. This method works best for decorative pieces, as watertight pieces like glasses and goblets experience more pressure and can break while in use.

Using high-tech sanding and buffing equipment, professional repair services can file down the entire rim of a glass to below the damaged area, leaving a clean surface free of chips.

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