How Do You Repair a Fiberglass Shower Pan in an Existing Shower?


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To repair a fiberglass shower pan in an existing shower, clean the shower pan with a liquid bathroom cleaner, sand the gouge, crack and pit, apply a gel coat patch, and let the gel coat dry. Sand the surface again, and then apply a coating layer.

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  1. Wash the shower pan

    Using a bristle brush, wash the shower pan with a liquid bathroom cleaner to remove all dirt and debris, and rinse the pan with clean water. Blot the pan dry with fabric towels, and change the towels as needed until the shower pan is completely dry.

  2. Sand the fiberglass

    Wear safety gloves and a dust mask. Sand the crack, gouge, and pit with fine-grit sanding block. Apply moderate pressure when sanding to avoid gouging the fiberglass surface.

  3. Apply gelcoat and a coating layer

    Patch the a thin layer of gel coat from one end of the crack to the other end, apply a fair quantity of gel coat at the pit or gouge, and then use two strokes of the applicator to smooth the gel coat in order to create a uniform finish. Let the gel coat dry according to the manufacturer's instructions, sand the surface to remove any defects, and apply a thin coating layer to create an even look.

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