How Do You Repair a Farberware Coffee Urn?

How Do You Repair a Farberware Coffee Urn?

Replacing a defective thermostat on a Farberware coffee urn repairs two of the most common complaints, coffee that is too cold or too weak. Remove the unit's base to test the thermostat for continuity using a multimeter. Purchase and install a new thermostat to remedy either of these problems.

  1. Keep safety first

    Accessing the thermostat requires turning the urn over, so empty it of any coffee, grounds or filters. Unplug the cord from the outlet and make sure it is cool before beginning.

  2. Test for continuity

    Even though the water heats, a defective thermostat prevents the water from heating to the temperature required to extract the full coffee flavor, making a continuity test the best option for troubleshooting. Remove any screws that hold the base, and cover over the electrical parts of the coffee maker. Locate the thermostat inside the coffee maker. Set the meter to test continuity. Place one lead on the connection on either side of the thermostat. If the thermostat fails, replace it.

  3. Replace the defective thermostat

    Determine if the thermostat leads connect using solder or removable connectors. If it uses soldered connectors, consider having it professionally repaired. With removable connectors, remove the leads from the thermostat using needle-nosed pliers. Remove the thermostat from the coffee maker and purchase a replacement unit. Reverse the steps to install the new thermostat.