How Do You Repair an Evaporative Cooler?


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Repair a swamp cooler by replacing defective parts, such as blower motors, floats, pumps and evaporative pads. In areas where swamp coolers are common, most home improvement stores carry these parts. Swamp coolers are simple cooling devices and most owners can make repairs easily.

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How Do You Repair an Evaporative Cooler?
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The blower motor operates the squirrel cage blower for the swamp cooler. If it fails, replace the motor with one of the same amperage. If the motor is operating, but the blower is not moving properly, loosen the belts on the motor and adjust the belt tension.

Swamp coolers use a simple float valve to maintain the water level in the reservoir. Such valves sometimes fail, and leaks in the float allow it to take on water so it no longer shuts off the water. Corrosion can stop water from flowing into the reservoir. Replacing the valve involves disconnecting the water line and loosening a few bolts to remove the old one.

Swamp cooler pumps use the water they transport for cooling. Operating the pump without water causes it to burn out. If the fan is blowing, but the unit is not cooling, check the pads. If they are not wet, a pump problem is likely.

Swamp cooler pads require regular replacement. Depending on the type of pad and amount of use, owners should replace them as often as two times per year. As pads deteriorate, the unit becomes less effective at cooling.

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