How Do You Repair an Electrolux Water Heater?


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To repair an Electrolux water heater, identify the specific problem, and then clean or replace the failing component. Common problems with Electrolux water heaters include incorrectly set thermostats, faulty thermocouples and malfunctioning relief valves.

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If an Electrolux water heater becomes too hot during operation, the thermostat or the gas valve and thermostat assembly might be defective. Check whether the temperature of water in the nearest faucet matches the temperature settings on the thermostat. If the temperature differs, replace the gas valve and thermostat assembly. If the problem persists, use a multi-meter to test the heating element for continuity, and replace it if damaged.

If the water heater doesn’t heat, first check to make sure that the thermostat is set correctly and that the igniter is working properly. Inspect the draft inducer motor or the thermocouples, and replace any of them if necessary. If the pilot light cannot be lit or has a low flame, it might be clogged with carbon deposits and should be replaced accordingly.

If an Electrolux water heater leaks, examine the temperature and pressure relief valve. If the relief valve begins to leak before the listed relief temperature on the tag is reached, replace it accordingly. Replace the drain valve. If none of the repair methods fix the problem, contact a qualified Electrolux professional.

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