How Do You Repair an Electrolux Ambassador Vacuum Cleaner?

How Do You Repair an Electrolux Ambassador Vacuum Cleaner?

When your Electrolux Ambassador vacuum cleaner is malfunctioning, three different causes may be diagnosed and repaired, all of them involving some manner of clogging that causes reduced suction. Clearing up the problem involves shutting off your vacuum first, and then dismantling the part believed to be obstructed to locate it.

Always turn off your Electrolux Ambassador before attempting repairs on components around the brush, as an active vacuum cleaner is dangerous for your hands. All problems with your Electrolux Ambassador vacuum can be repaired while the machine is turned off.

In the event of a clog in the filter, remove the attachments from the top of the canister. Press the release latch to pull the filter grill from the machine. Once it's exposed, replace the afterfilter with a new filter. Ensure the filter tabs are placed correctly when reassembling the vacuum.

When the hose of your vacuum is clogged, remove the attachments and afterfilter like the above procedure. Once this is done, remove the machine end of the hose and place it, instead, in the blower attachment slot. Once the vacuum is activated, after these steps are followed, your vacuum will eject the obstruction on its own. Once this is completed, reassemble your vacuum.

If your vacuum does not function even when obstructions have been removed, some other more complex problem is present. Consult a repair technician to handle problems such as these, as they could involve dangerous electrical repairs.