How Do You Repair an Electric Water Heater?


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The method of repairing an electric water heater depends on the machine's specific problem. Common problems of electric water heaters include failure to heat water, production of excessively hot water and water leaks. First, owners must disconnect the power supply to the heater before attempting any repair.

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How Do You Repair an Electric Water Heater?
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A heater that does not heat water may be as a result of power not reaching the heating elements, a faulty electric thermostat or faulty upper electric heating element. To fix this problem, owners must start by resetting a tripped circuit breaker or replacing a blown fuse to ensure that there is power supply to the water heating element thermostat. If so, they should replace the thermostat. If necessary, owners should check and replace the upper heating element as well.

When the heating unit thermostat is set higher than normal, the electric heater produces extremely high-temperate water. To repair this problem, individuals must reset the upper and lower heating element thermostats to the normal range, which is usually between 110 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aside from tank leakage, water leaks on the electric water heater can be as a result of leaking valves or connections. If a leaking water tank is corroded, it must be replaced with a new tank. To repair a leaking temperature and pressure valve, owners must open and flush the valve to remove debris or replace the temperature and pressure valve if it leaks after flushing. For a pipe connection leakage, a wrench must be used to tighten and snug the connection.

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