How Do You Repair an Earth Stove Wood Stove?


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Repair an Earth Stove wood stove by replacing the glass panel and other components, making sure it's air tight, and dealing with creosote build-up. In addition to these important factors, stoves benefit from having their aesthetics repaired, such as fixing scratches or blemishes, and replacing cracked or shattered bricks.

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An Earth Stove wood stove has many maintenance concerns, ranging from smoke leaks from the viewing window to odor and smoke build-up from excess creosote. A full repair of an Earth Stove wood stove involves four steps in order to make it look and work as good as new, starting with the viewing window.

Loosen the gaskets holding the glass panel in place. Once the panel can be removed, do so, and replace the silicone sealant with a new lining, as well as old gaskets that can cause air leakage. When the components are replaced, put the glass panel in first, and then replace the ash drawer that had to be removed earlier to get to the corresponding gaskets.

Creosote build-up happens as part of the natural operation of a wood-burning stove. Using an appropriate chimney brush, clear out the chimney. Once this is complete, clear out the rest of the creosote from the stove itself with a stiff wire brush.

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