How Do You Repair a Dyson DC07 Vacuum Cleaner?

How Do You Repair a Dyson DC07 Vacuum Cleaner?

In order to repair a Dyson DC07 vacuum, the specific problem must be determined. Some common problems cited in the DC07 user manual include less than normal or zero suction, the unit not standing upright or the vacuum emitting loud noises during operation.

If a Dsyon DC07 vacuum cleaner head has reduced suction or no suction, the first step for non-delicate flooring is to ensure the brush control is set on carpet mode. The brushbar only spins when the handle is reclined and the product is set to carpet mode.

For reduced or no suction in the wand, hose or cleaner head, individuals should first examine the blue filter and ensure it is clean because it may need to be removed and washed. The soleplate must also be sitting flush with the cleaner head to ensure proper performance. Users should confirm that the filter housing, U-bend and airway inspection valve are fitted securely with no blockages.

A loud ratcheting sound from a DC07 may indicate there is an obstruction in the brushbar area. The sound is meant to alert the user in order to protect the vacuum belt. Individuals who hear the loud noise should turn off the vacuum and check to see if there is an obstruction. The ratcheting sound may also occur if a rug has loose tassels or is not securely attached to the floor. In such case, setting the vacuum to bare floor mode may eliminate the problem.

If the vacuum does not stand upright, the user should hold the handle at a 45-degree angle, then locate and remove the airway inspection valve. Sliding the plastic molding where the airway valve attaches toward the ceiling and snapping it into place permits the vacuum to stand upright.