How Do You Repair Drywall Tape?


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Chris Baylor at the San Francisco Gate explains that the first step in repairing a drywall tape error is protecting the furniture and floor of the area, as well as pulling down pictures or wall hangings nearby. The next step involves sanding the area of the damaged drywall tape using a drywall sanding screen before making a cut around the perimeter of the bad tape with a utility knife.

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How Do You Repair Drywall Tape?
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After peeling away the damaged tape and drywall compound with a putty knife and gently scraping away the debris, apply a light coat of pre-mixed drywall compound to the affected area. Baylor suggests allowing this compound to dry completely before covering the tape and previous compound with another thin layer of compound and scraping away any excess compound. This layer must also dry before lightly scraping off high points and adding a third layer of compound. Baylor explains that this layer must dry before one decides whether or not the drywall needs a fourth and fifth layer to ensure the joint smooths properly. Once the compound dries completely, go over the area with a sanding block of very fine sandpaper for final smoothing. Baylor suggests using the hand to wipe the joint, then sanding any high points.

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