How Do You Repair a Drawer Slide?


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To repair a drawer slide, remove the drawer, and use a screwdriver to remove all the screws from the drawer. Measure the drawer slide for length, and determine what type of mount and slide it is, such as bottom mount, side mount, wooden slide or plastic slide. If unsure, remove a mount and slide, and take it in to a hardware store to find the appropriate parts to repair it.

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Separate the new slide parts, particularly the slides marked DL and DR, with L standing for left and R for right. Screw in the replacement slides on each side of the drawer, using the screws from the slide package, and a screwdriver or drill. Do not over tighten the screws that belong in the oval-shaped holes at each end of the slider. If possible, use the original screw holes in the drawer to line up the slides.

Next separate the inside slides marked CL and CR. Using a screw driver or a drill, secure the slides into the cabinets. Set the drawer onto the track, and check the slider by pulling the drawer in and out several times. If there is a hitch in the slide, try loosening the screws at the oval-shaped holes and test the slide again. Once the drawer slides correctly, tighten the screws appropriately.

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