How Do You Repair Dog Urine Damage to Your Grass?


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To repair canine urine damage on grass, remove the grass and top soil and reseed the spot with grass seed. You also need a bucket, gravel, low-nitrogen fertilizer and a spade to complete this project. Fencing or a motion-based sprinkler system may be required.

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  1. Hydrate your dog

    Provide fresh water to your dog on a consistent basis. Dehydration in dogs only concentrates the urine and causes more damage to your lawn. Avoid giving your dog supplements to lower the pH level in urine because such supplements can pose a health hazard to the animal.

  2. Train your dog

    Train your dog to urinate in other places besides the lawn by creating a small gravel area at one section of the lawn so the dog can pee in that area. If a dog squats when urinating, take the animal to other spots. If the dog urinates on the same spot, flush out the area immediately with a hose. Use a fence or motion-based sprinkler system if another dog urinates on your lawn consistently.

  3. Dilute the grass

    Fill a bucket with water and pour over the urine stain to provide nourishment to the grass.

  4. Remove the grass

    Dig up the stained grass area. Scrape away the top surface of the soil. Reseed the spot. Switch to a low-nitrogen fertilizer to reduce the amount of nitrogen that gets on the grass to offset the nitrogen that the comes from the dog's urine. Too much nitrogen on the grass is responsible for the grass burns. Ensure that the fertilizer is pet friendly.

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