How Do You Repair a Dishwasher Door Spring?

repair-dishwasher-door-spring Credit: Bart Everson/CC-BY 2.0

It is advisable to always replace a broken dishwasher door spring rather than attempting a quick repair, as failure to do so could result in unwanted leaks and further issues with the dishwasher. When attempting to replace the springs in a dishwasher door, one should always consult the user manual.

When replacing a broken dishwasher door spring, it is advisable to take safety precautions such as wearing safety goggles. The first step to take is to gain access to the door spring by removing the lower panel of the dishwasher. Ensure the door to the dishwasher is closed when removing the panel. Once the panel has been removed, take out the broken spring by using the fingers to lift the hook of the spring from the anchor point. If the tension is too much, using a screwdriver or pliers can help.

Once the broken spring has been safely removed, the next step is to install the new spring. The lower spring hook of the new spring should be placed in the anchor hole. If the spring requires more tension, try positioning the spring hook further back until the desired tension is established. Finally, the lower panel of the dishwasher should be reattached, and the door should be tested for any problems.