How Do You Repair Dents in Hardwood Floors?


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Repairing dents on a hardwood floor entails using steam to reshape the fibers of the wood. For this project, you need an iron, a cotton cloth and some water. Danish oil may be necessary as well.

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  1. Drop water onto the dent

    After placing water on the dent, fold a cotton cloth four times over and place over the damage. The cloth should be 1 inch square. An iron helps manipulate the fibers.

  2. Use the iron

    Place the tip of a hot iron over the cloth pad. Move the iron over the cloth in a circular motion until steam begins to show. Continue moving the iron as the steam forms.

  3. Apply force

    Place a fair amount of force on the pad while moving the iron. Keep applying pressure and move the iron for three minutes until the steam no longer shows. Stopping when the pad is dry is another option. Check the dent.

  4. Repeat the process

    Repeat the same steps if the dent still shows. Drop the same amount of water, fold the cloth and use the iron with the same amount of force. The process may take three or four attempts before the dent is entirely gone.

  5. Touch up the damage

    Use Danish oil matching the hardwood color to cover where the dent used to be. Apply the Danish oil with a cloth. This step is only necessary if the damaged portion of the floor turned a slight white during the steaming process. If the white spot is not very prominent, leave it for the next few days to see if the blemish disappears. If it is necessary to apply the oil, allow it to dry for 15 minutes. Removing the dents can be accomplished with the oil alone.

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