How Do You Repair a Danbu Refrigerator?


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To repair a Danbu refrigerator, first identify the exact problem and then clean or replace the affected part. Common problems with Danbu refrigerators include worn out fan motors, defective defrost timers and malfunctioning door switches.

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If a Danbu refrigerator is noisy, the condenser fan motor or the compressor may be worn out. If necessary, replace either of these parts. Examine the fan blade to see if it is rubbing against anything or if there is something caught in it. Correct any friction issues, and remove any materials caught in the fan blade. If the refrigerator is noisy when the icemaker is filling, the water inlet valve may need to be replaced.

If the refrigerator doesn't defrost, the defrost timer, defrost control board or defrost thermostat might be damaged. Use an ohmmeter to test these parts for continuity, and replace the defective ones. If the problem persists, check to see if the defrost sensor fuses have blown, and replace them.

If a Danbu refrigerator light doesn't work and a new light bulb does not solve the issue, inspect the light assembly and the door switch. Use an ohmmeter to test these parts for continuity, and replace any of them if faulty. Additionally, check whether the light socket has burnt out, and replace it if needed.

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