How Do You Repair Damage From Dog Urine on the Lawn?


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To repair the damage caused by dog urine in the yard if the grass is still green, increase the frequency of nitrogen fertilization or the amount of fertilizer used and ensure adequate watering to prevent salt accumulation. If the grass has brown spots, remove the dead sod and some soil, and then resod and reseed the area.

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Once dog urine causes brown spots in the yard, the turf may be dead. Increasing water or frequency of watering dilutes the salts and may help the grass recover, but brown spots that do not respond to increased watering may require resodding and reseeding.

To resod the area, remove 1/2 to 1 inch of soil in the affected spots, and then reseed with new grass seed. Spot seed Kentucky bluegrass lawns with Kentucky bluegrass or perennial ryegrass. For tall fescue lawns, spot seed with turf-type tall fescue seed. It is also possible to reseed a tall fescue lawn with perennial ryegrass, but the reseeded areas may take on a different look than the rest of the lawn. Use fine fescue seed for fine fescue lawns.

To reduce the incidence of damage from dog urine, train the dog to use mulch or gravel areas in the lawn. Alternatively, select a location on the lawn where the damage is not readily visible.

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