How Do You Repair a Cultured Marble Sink?

Repair pitting in a cultured marble sink by protecting the drain, filling deep pits, sanding, buffing and applying a gel coat. Cultured marble is a mixture of stone and resin, making it lighter and easier to work with than natural stone.

  1. Cover the drain

    Protect the drain and faucets with masking tape to prevent damage while working to restore the cultured marble.

  2. Fill deep pits

    If the sink has deep pits, fill them with epoxy filler. Fiberglass repair kits for boats have the filler along with a color additive. Select the color closest to the cultured marble to make the repair less visible. Use an index card to smooth the filler in place.

  3. Sand the area

    Use 400- to 600-grit sandpaper to smooth the filler, and then use 800- to 1000-grit wet or dry sandpaper to sand the area smooth. Cultured marble is uniform throughout, so sanding does not affect the pattern but does remove the shiny surface.

  4. Buff to a shine

    Use auto-finishing compound to buff the area by hand. Then use a power buffer to polish the repair.

  5. Apply a gel coat

    Make sure the sink is dry. Apply a gel coat designed for cultured marble over the entire top surface of the sink per the manufacturer's directions to restore the shine.