How Do You Repair a Craftsman Snowblower?


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To repair a Craftsman snowblower, determine the actual issue, then clean or replace the malfunctioning component. Common problems with Craftsman snowblowers include defective carburettors, propulsion problems and faulty augers.

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How Do You Repair a Craftsman Snowblower?
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If a Craftsman snowblower does not start, first check to be sure that there is fresh gas in the tank. If there is any dirt or water in the system, wait for engine to cool down, and then remove the carburettor bowl and the gas tank before refilling it. Examine the spark plug to see if it is damaged or fouled, and replace it if necessary. If the problem persists, check whether the engine is getting enough fuel to the cylinder, and clean or replace the carburettor accordingly.

If the snowblower does not propel, check whether the drive belt is worn out or damaged, and replace it if required. Inspect the drive control cable and adjust it according to the instructions in the manual. Replace the friction disc if it is worn out or damaged.

If a Craftsman snowblower auger is not turning, check to see if the shear bolts are broken. Shear bolts are designed to break if the auger hits a large object in order to protect motor and transmission from damage. Examine the auger drive components, and replace any damaged or worn out parts. Contact a Craftsman professional if the above repair methods do not remedy the problem.

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