How Do You Repair a Cracked Ceiling in Plaster or Drywall?

Repairing a cracked ceiling in drywall will require basic carpentry skills, and one simple method involves clearing the old patches and tape; screwing the drywall up the attic blocks for support, applying a setting-type joint compound (mud) and applying the finish. This project should take several hours and will require tools such as the 5-in-1 tool, sandpaper, sponge, ladder and eye protection.

The following shows one method of repairing a cracked ceiling in drywall.

  1. Clear Old Tape and Drywall
  2. p>Remove any loose material along the cracked area such as old tape and drywall. Lay down a drop cloth or old newspapers in the area for easier clean up later.

  3. Secure the Drywall Ceiling
  4. Using drywall screws, secure the ceiling drywall to the wooden attic support blocks.

  5. Make the Crack Wider
  6. Widen the crack by gouging out along the gap. Use the 5-in-1 tool to make the job easier. The wider gap will allow the joint compound to adhere better to the drywall.

  7. Tape Up the Crack
  8. Use a single strip of drywall tape to tape up the damaged area.

  9. Apply Mud
  10. Apply the joint compound on along the taped crack. Force the mud into the tape and on the crack. Smooth down the mud with a damp sponge. Use a more abrasive sponge to smooth down any lumps.

  11. Sand and Finish
  12. Sand the whole patched up surface particularly the edges to blend it with the surrounding surface. Touch up the area with paint to match the surface.