How Do You Repair a Cooktop?


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To repair an electric cooktop, check the plug-in burner elements, wired burners and burner switches or timers, and replace any parts that are defective. Proper cleaning of corroded contacts may also solve minor issues.

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To inspect the burner element, switch off the power supply at the panel, and unplug the electric range. Check the heating element for holes or burns, and change it if there are signs of damage. Use fine steel wool to clean any corroded terminals. Determine if the element now works by plugging it to one of the range’s receptacles and restoring power. An element that still fails to heat is damaged and requires replacement.

If the element heats in another receptacle, the next step is to adjust a multimeter to resistance times one, or RX1. Then, clip a single probe to one of the burner switch’s terminals, which connect to the wires from the receptacle. Remove the screws from the receptacle, and touch another probe to the receptacle contacts. Check if one contact displays continuity. Perform the test again, this time clipping a probe to the second switch terminal. Observe if the other receptacle contact demonstrates continuity.

Change any receptacle that doesn’t show proper continuity. Snip the wires connecting to the receptacle, and use a porcelain wire cap to connect the replacement receptacle’s leads to the wires.

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