How Do You Repair Concrete Steps?


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To repair concrete steps, cut off the damaged step with a concrete saw, construct a form, fill the form with concrete, and then smooth the cement with a magnesium float and a trowel. Finally, eliminate the form, and allow the concrete to harden before walking on the step.

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  1. Cut off the damaged step

    Cut off damaged parts of the concrete step using a concrete saw with a hose attachment. The hose helps to keep dust down and cool the blade. Make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions to use the concrete saw safely.

  2. Construct a form

    Using a piece of lumber, construct a form for the step. Apply cooking oil to the form to prevent it from sticking to the concrete.

  3. Pack concrete in the form

    Use a shovel to mix your concrete, following the manufacturer's instructions. Carefully pour concrete into the form to the required level, and smooth it out with a shovel. Eliminate any air pockets from the cement by taping the form to enable the cement to settle properly. Smooth the cement with a magnesium float and a trowel. Finally, take off the form, and then let the concrete to harden completely before walking on the step.

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