How Do You Repair a Concrete Porch?


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The method of repairing a concrete porch depends on the type of damage; for example, repair narrow cracks using vinyl concrete repair patch. The material comes in tubes that fit caulking guns. Clean the crack, make sure it is dry, and brush away debris with a brush before filling it with the patching material according to the package materials. Wipe the repair smooth with a damp cloth, and allow it to dry before using the porch again.

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For larger cracks or depressions in the porch, purchase premixed patching material in a bucket, or mix it from a dry powder. Clean the damaged area, and add the patch. Use a trowel to smooth the surface so it is level with the porch. Once the patch dries, apply epoxy sealer to protect it.

Repair small chips from the edge of the porch by gluing the chip back in place using epoxy glue with a concrete rating. Mix the glue per package directions, and apply it to a clean surface. Hold the piece in place for a few minutes, allowing the glue to harden. Stack bricks over the patch to hold it in place while the epoxy cures completely. For larger breaks, add a piece of rebar to the existing concrete, build a form, and fill it with a thick mix of cement and water.

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