How Do You Repair Concrete Curbing?


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One way to repair concrete curbing is to apply concrete patch mix to the damage. It involves preparing the damaged area and covering it with concrete adhesive before applying the patch. Allowing the patch to dry completes the process. Use a chisel, sledgehammer, concrete patch mix, concrete bond adhesive and trowel to complete this task. A garden hose, paintbrush and steel wool are also handy in this project.

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First, put on safety goggles, a mask, work gloves and safety clothes. To prepare the curbing, remove debris, plants and dirt from the area that needs repair. Next, clear the curbing of loosely attached concrete as well as cracked concrete with the chisel and sledgehammer, and scrub off dust with the steel wool. Finalize the preparation of the curbing by washing away dirt and dust remnants with the garden hose.

Once the concrete curbing is dry, paint the surface with an even layer of concrete bond adhesive. Next, read the mixing instructions that accompany the concrete patch, and follow them to mix the concrete patch correctly. Apply the patch over the wet adhesive with a trowel. Allow the first layer of the patch to sit for 30 minutes, and add other layers so the curbing surface becomes even, allowing 30 minutes between the layers. Once the surface is even, remove excess patch while still wet by scraping.

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