How Do You Repair a Compressor Pump?


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To repair an air compressor, reset the compressor, tighten loose ends or change the location of the air intake. The exact steps to repairing an air compressor depend on the specific problem.

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A common problem with air compressors is the compressor does not operate. This may be caused by no electrical power, low oil level or a faulty pressure switch. For a compressor with no electrical power, turn on the power and push the reset button. For low oil level, check the oil level and add oil if necessary. A faulty pressure switch needs to be adjusted or replaced depending on the problem.

Excessive noise during operation is another common air compressor problem. To fix this problem, tighten loose ends at the flywheel, belt guard, pulley or clamps. Also check the oil level in the crank case and replenish if necessary. Check for damaged bearings and replace them.

Milky oil in the oil reservoir may be caused by water coming into contact with the oil. This is especially common in high humidity environments. The problem is fixed by relocating the air intake pipe to a less humid environment. Milky oil may also be caused by neglect. The unit needs to be serviced every 500 operating hours or 45 days. This involves changing the oil and replacing or cleaning the air cleaning element.

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