How Do You Repair Coleman Gas Lanterns?

How Do You Repair Coleman Gas Lanterns?

Repair a Coleman gas lantern by draining out the old gas, cleaning the exterior, disassembling it, replacing any defective parts and putting it back together. Carry along the owner's manual and replacement parts such as spare mantles on a camping trip to be able to perform simple repairs on site.

  1. Drain the fuel

    Empty the fuel from the base of the lantern before attempting any repair work. Use an environmentally-approved container for disposal. When fuel sits too long in the lantern, it causes buildup of a lacquer-like substance that reduces the quality of the flame. When water condensation builds up in the fuel tank, it blows out the mantles. Replace the old fuel with fresh fuel when you reassemble the lantern.

  2. Clean the lantern

    Clean the exterior of the lantern to remove all dirt, dust and other deposits to avoid contaminating the interior of the lantern while repairing it.

  3. Disassemble the lantern

    Disassemble the lantern by removing the ventilator, ball nut and globe from the lantern and setting each piece aside.

  4. Replace defective parts, and reassemble the lantern

    Remove old or damaged mantles, and replace them with new ones. Replacing worn out mantles is the most commonly-needed repair on Coleman lanterns. Be careful not to tear or damage the new mantles. If the glass globe is damaged, replace it with a new one. Reassemble the Coleman lantern when repairs are finished.