How Do You Repair a Clothes Dryer That Doesn't Dry?


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Troubleshoot a broken clothes dryer by first examining the outside vent. Make sure the external outlet vents warm air outside. If it doesn't, check the lint trap to ensure the dryer receives proper airflow, then check the vent duct. It may need to be straightened out, cleaned or replaced./

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  1. Check the outside vent

    The quickest way to determine if there is a problem with the dryer vent is to check the vent outlet outside the house when the machine is operating. You should feel a significant blast of warm, moist air flowing through the louvers. If the machine is not producing the airflow, determine the cause. While at the dryer duct, look at the louvers to see if there is an accumulation of lint. Remove any lint that you can reach.

  2. Check the lint trap

    Users often forget to clean the lint trap after every load. If the filter screen is full of lint, the machine does not receive adequate airflow to expel the moisture outside the home.

  3. Check the vent duct

    Pull the machine from the wall to check the vent ducting. If the machine has a plastic or metal flexible hose, the duct is not up to code and should be replaced using rigid or semi-rigid ducting. If there are kinks or bends in the duct, they restrict airflow and affect drying time. Disassemble the vent and clean if necessary.

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