How Do You Repair a Clothes Dryer?

To repair a dryer, determine whether the appliance is covered by a warranty. If a warranty is not active, locate the malfunctioning part and install a replacement, or purchase a dryer maintenance kit and install it. Most parts can be replaced in a few hours.

  1. Contact the manufacturer

    Some companies provide repair services to consumers if the dryer is protected under a warranty. Contact the manufacturer or the store where the dryer was purchased to find information on the cost of parts and repairs.

  2. Isolate the problem

    If the dryer isn't covered by a warranty, it is necessary to isolate the part that is causing the malfunction. Check the power cord, outlet and circuit breaker first to ensure the dryer is receiving power, and then replace the most-common parts associated with the problem. For instance, if a clothes dryer does not heat, the problem may be the thermal fuse. Most experts recommend replacing the simplest-to-install or least-expensive parts before others.

  3. Purchase a dryer maintenance kit

    If the problem cannot be isolated, purchase a dryer maintenance kit and install it according to the included instructions. A dryer maintenance kit contains the most commonly replaced parts for each make and model dryer.