How Do You Repair a Clogged Tub Drain?


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Repair a clogged tub drain with a combination of plungers, wires and cable augers. Most tub drain clogs are repairable by simply removing the drain stopper and drain screen and fishing a bent piece of wire down into the drain until it hits the drain crossbar.

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The crossbar is the first obstruction that material passes when it goes down the drain. Therefore, the crossbar is normally where the clog is located. Remove any hair wrapped around the crossbar with the wire, and test the drain.

If it is still clogged, then plunge the drain. For tubs that have an overfill valve located on the side of the tube directly above the drain, make sure that the valve lever is open. Cover the hole on the bottom of the overfill valve plate with a wet rag, and plunge the drain. Test the drain again.

If the clog remains, then use the cable auger. The overfill valve plate must be removed in order to snake the cable of the auger down the drain. The valve plate can be removed be taking out the screws that hold it in place. Snake the cable down the overfill tube, and turn the crank on the cable wheel until there is no more resistance against the cable.

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