How Do You Repair a Clogged Coffee Machine?

repair-clogged-coffee-machine Credit: Jackie Waters/CC-BY 2.0

A clogged coffee machine can be repaired by spraying water in the fill area. If this method doesn't work, the coffeemaker can be taken apart so that the downspout can be unclogged. For safety, the machine should be unplugged and the heating plate cooled off.

To access the downspout in most coffee machines, the cover must be removed. In many drip models, it is located at the bottom when the coffee maker is turned upside down. It is important to make sure all the water is drained from the coffee maker before making the repair to keep moisture away from the display and control circuits.

The cover for many models can be removed with a Phillips screwdriver, but some models may also have a security torx screw that requires a special bit. A security torx screw has a hole in the middle along with a pin.

The downspout on many models can be removed by simply tugging. Some coffee machine models may also have a filter in the downspout that can usually be pushed out by squeezing the hose. Debris, such as coffee grounds and lime scale, can be rinsed off, while the filter and downspout hose can be replaced. It is important to put the filter back in properly or the coffee maker may not work.