How Do You Repair a Cinder Block Basement?


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While cinder block basements are vulnerable to many types of damage, a crack is the most common ailment. Cinder block basements generally require an epoxy filler for repair. These steps outline how to apply the epoxy filler to fix the crack.

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  1. Prepare the cinder block

    Clean the cinder block with a stiff bristle brush. Cinder blocks develop a powdery, white, crystalline substance on the surface called efflorescence. This must be cleaned off to improved adhesion of the epoxy. Any loose pieces of cinder block or mortar should be brushed away.

  2. Squirt the epoxy filler into the crack

    Place the tip of the caulking gun into the crack. Apply the epoxy by squeezing the trigger, allowing the epoxy to expand and fill the crack. Adjust the angle of the caulking gun, moving along the crack and depressing the trigger. Continue to apply the epoxy until the entire crack is filled.

  3. Apply a second coat of epoxy

    Allow the epoxy to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions. Apply a second coat, using the same technique as before. Allow the second coat to dry, and inspect the wall. Apply more epoxy to any thinly covered areas if needed. Consult a professional if you are concerned about structural issues.

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