How Do You Repair Ceramic Cooktop Burners?


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To repair ceramic cooktop burners, unplug the stove, unscrew and remove the cooktop, remove the damaged burners, insert the replacements, reattach the cooktop, plug in the stove, and test the repair. The supplies you need include gloves, a screwdriver, rags, a table and needle-nose pliers.

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Unplug the stove, and verify that the burners are cool. Open the oven door, and remove the screws that anchor the cooktop. These screws are located on the oven ceiling. Set the screws aside. Slide the cooktop forward several inches, reach behind it, and disconnect the retaining harness. Lift the cooktop off of the stove, and lay it face down on a rag-covered table.

Unscrew the screws on the underside of the cooktop, and raise cover to expose the burner coils. Use needle-nose pliers to detach the wiring from the defective burners, release the retaining clips, and lift the burners out of the cooktop. Unscrew the retaining clips, and attach them to the new burners. Press the burners into the cooktop until the clips lock. Connect the burner wires, and reassemble the cooktop.

Set the cooktop on the stove, reconnect the retaining harness and wiring, and push the cooktop back toward the wall. Reattach the anchoring screws, close the oven door, and plug in the stove. Activate the burners. A red or orange glow indicates effective burner replacement.

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