How Do You Repair a Ceiling Fan?

How Do You Repair a Ceiling Fan?

The method of repairing a ceiling fan varies depending on the type problem with the fan unit, which may include wobbly blades, noisy fan or simply a fan that has no power. However, troubleshooting is thefirst step that is usually taken when repairing a ceiling fan. Once the source of the problem has been determined, the necessary fixes can then be made on the fan.

The following shows the basic steps in repairing a wobbly ceiling fan, which is one of the common problems with ceiling fans.

  1. Check the box
  2. After turning off the breaker or switch that feeds power to the fan, check if the fan is attached to a fan-rated box. Ceiling fans that are attached to electrical boxes designed only to hold lighting fixtures will wobble and may even fall. Replace the electrical box with an appropriate one to fix the problem.

  3. Check the support
  4. Check the support bracket if it wiggles or is loose. Tighten the bracket if it is loose.

  5. Check the blades
  6. Using a story board, measure the tips on each blade. This can be done by resting the story board on a singlespot and rotate the blades to it and then mark the spots where the blade meets the story board. The difference should be no more than one-fourth of an inch. Make the necessary adjustments to correct the problem. Warped or bent blades should be reported to manufacturers for replacement.