How Do You Repair a Cast Iron Drain Pipe?

The easiest way to repair a cast iron drain pipe is to remove the bad section of pipe by cutting it away and replacing it with PVC pipe. This makes it easy to repair the pipe without having to replace the whole setup.

Cast iron pipes were popular in older homes, but as of 2015 the pipes used in houses are almost always made of PVC. Whether a pipe is broken or rusted, take the time to repair only the faulty parts, which saves time and money. Follow the steps below to repair cast iron pipe:

  1. Locate the problem
  2. Locate the problem within the pipe. If the pipe is painted, look for signs of bubbling paint, which determine how damaged the pipe may be.

  3. Cut out the damaged section
  4. Use a reciprocating saw with a metal cutting blade to cut away the damaged piece of pipe. Always make sure the power outlet has a ground fault interrupter on it when cutting metal.

  5. Measure the replacement pipe
  6. Measure the replacement pipe and cut it to size. Clean both ends with PVC cleaner and allow time to dry.

  7. Add the fittings
  8. Apply PVC glue to the fittings and put them in place. Add the new pipe section and join the pipe to the fittings.

  9. Double check the fittings
  10. Double check the fittings before the glue has a chance to dry. Make sure everything is straight and secure.

  11. Connect the joints
  12. Connect the joints using a no-hub connector. Tighten the stainless steel clamps.