How Do You Repair a Casablanca Fan?

How Do You Repair a Casablanca Fan?

Fix a Casablanca fan that wobbles by ensuring the blades are level and installing a fan balancing kit. The project takes approximately 15 minutes and requires an inexpensive kit available at many hardware stores.

  1. Label the blades

    Attach a piece of masking tape to each blade. Number each blade to keep track of your progress.

  2. Check the blades

    Use a yardstick to measure the distance from the ceiling to the lower edge of each blade. Bend the blade gently to correct the problem if the distance differs. Replace any badly warped blades. Test to see if the fan still wobbles after all blades are level.

  3. Install the kit

    If the problem persists, proceed with installing the kit. Attach the clip at the center of one blade and test the fan. Continue moving the clip to other blades until you identify the one causing a problem.

  4. Adjust the weight

    Slide the clip in one direction and test. Slide in the opposite direction and test again. Continue this fine-tuning process to minimize the wobble.

  5. Locate the weight

    Tape the weight in the center of the blade in line with the optimized clip location. Remove the clip, and test the fan. If the wobble remains minimized, remove the tape, and attach the weight permanently to the blade. Repeat the process, adding more weights to other blades as necessary to stabilize the fan.