How Do You Repair a Carpet?

repair-carpet Credit: AFP/AFP/Getty Images

To repair a carpet, remove the damaged area with a circular carpet cutting tool, and install the new piece with an adhesive disk and carpet seam sealer. Hide the seams of the patch with a star-wheel carpet roller.

  1. Adjust the direction of the fibers

    Run your hand over the affected area to make the fibers of the carpet stand up.

  2. Imprint the carpet

    Remove the blades and pivot screw from the cutter. Push the cutter over the area, and turn it clockwise three times. Adjust the fibers and imprint the carpet a few more times.

  3. Attach the cutter accessories

    Screw in the blades on the sides of the cutter, and secure the pivot screw at the center. Ensure the tip of the blades and the tip of the pivot screw are level.

  4. Cut the carpet

    Align the cutter with the rim of the imprint. Push down with firm and even pressure to puncture the pivot screw through the bottom of the carpet. Maintain pressure, and turn the cutter to cut through the carpet. Remove the damaged patch.

  5. Cut the new piece

    Use the same cutting technique to cut out a new piece with scrap carpeting.

  6. Insert the adhesive disk

    Remove the paper lining from the adhesive disk, and wet the disk slightly. Cut the slit in the disk to the center, and hide the edge under the carpet when you insert the disk.

  7. Install the new piece

    Apply carpet seam sealer along the edge of the adhesive disk, and install the new patch over it so the fibers on the patch stand up in the same direction as the existing carpet.

  8. Finish the installation

    Use a star-wheel carpet roller to blend the new and existing fibers together. Do not disturb the patch for at least 24 hours.