How Do You Repair a Canvas Canopy?


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To repair a hole in a canvas canopy, obtain a canvas patching kit, measure the size of the hole in the canopy, and cut out two slightly larger pieces of canopy. Apply some resin to the first patch, place it over the hole or tear on the inner side of the canopy, and hold it there for several seconds. Apply resin to the other patch, and place it over the hole on the outer side.

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Canvas pieces are usually included in canvas patching kits; however, the included piece of canvas may not match the color of your canvas canopy. Instead, find canvas material that matches yours, buy a piece of it, and cut patches out of this matching material, as it has the same properties as the material included in the kit. Before starting to repair the canopy, locate the tear, and cut off all the torn pieces and loose threads. You need to have a clean hole before the repair.

Use a tape measure for measuring the size of the hole. Each patch you cut out should have a perimeter that is 2 inches larger than the hole in the canvas canopy. Make sure that both patches are in contact with the canopy itself and with each other.

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