How Do You Repair a Burnham Residential Boiler?


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To repair a Burnham residential boiler, first identify the specific problem and then clean or replace the affected part. Common problems with Burnham residential boilers include incorrect thermostat settings, tripped circuit breakers, defective circulatory motors and clogged pumps.

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If a Burnham residential boiler does not start, first check to see whether the unit is plugged into a working electrical outlet. Confirm that the thermostat is set above the actual room temperature. Additionally, check if there are blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers. Replace blown fuses and reset tripped circuit breakers. If the boiler is getting power but does not still operate, examine the unit’s control board, and replace it if defective.

If the boiler circulatory pump is not running, examine the motor and run capacitor. Use an ohmmeter to test these parts for continuity and replace any of them if defective. If this does not fix the problem, check to see if the pump is clogged, clean or replace as needed. Inspect to see if the thermostat or circulatory relay is faulty, and replace either of them accordingly.

If a Burnham boiler temperature and pressure are abnormally low, first check whether the inducer fan is running or the vent damper is open. If not, turn off the breaker to the boiler, wait for a few minutes, and then switch it on. If the inducer motor does run or the vent damper does not open, replace the aquastat or boiler control.

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