How Do You Repair Broken Wood Handles?


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Repair broken wood handles by cleaning the split, filling the damage with epoxy glue and covering the repair with plastic tape. If a handle splits more than halfway through its diameter, you cannot repair it and must install a replacement.

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Split wooden handles are common, and repairing or replacing the handle is typically a more economical choice than discarding and replacing the entire tool. If using the glue and tape method, clean as much dirt and debris from the split as possible before applying the glue, and use a knife to pry the damage open slightly. Once the split is full of glue, avoid clamping so tightly that you squeeze it all out.

Most hardware stores offer replacement handles. Prior to replacing the old handle, remove any remains from the tool. On tools such as shovels and rakes, a rivet often holds the handle in place. Use a file to remove one head of the rivet, and drive it back through the handle using a center punch. Grab the other head of the rivet with pliers, and pull it free.

Remove the wood by inserting a wood screw into it and tightening the head of the screw into a vice. Use a mallet to strike the metal tool head and drive it away from the broken handle. Another method for removing the handle is to burn it out with a propane torch.

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