How Do You Repair a Broken Dryer?


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To repair a broken dryer, first identify the problem and then perform the necessary fixes. The most common problems with dryers include a noisy dryer, a dryer that does not start and a unit that does not provide enough heat.

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How Do You Repair a Broken Dryer?
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To repair a noisy dryer, remove the cabinet and check the glides for wear and tear. Replace the glides with the same type as the existing ones. Common glide materials include plastic, nylon and teflon. This repair works for dryers making scraping noises. Squeaking or squealing noises can be fixed by replacing the rear bearing located at the sleeve bushing.

To repair a dryer that does not start, disconnect the power and locate the blower housing. Find the thermal fuse and test it with a multi-meter. Replace the fuse if burned out. Additionally, test the start switch located in the unit’s main console using a multi-meter. Replace the switch if faulty.

To fix a dryer that does not produce enough heat, unplug the dryer and use a multi-meter to test the heating element located in a metal chamber. Replace the heating element if necessary. Check that the thermostat is working properly using a multi-meter, and replace if necessary. If these solutions do not work, contact a certified appliance repair person to fix the problem.

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