How Do You Repair Berber Carpet?


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Repair Berber carpet snags by masking off the area to protect undamaged areas, determining whether to use the snagged thread or replace it, applying carpet glue and pressing the thread in place with an awl and a knitting needle. For missing threads, cut a length from a scrap of carpet.

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  1. Mask the damaged area

    Use blue painter's tape to form a frame around the damaged area in order to protect the fibers that remain intact.

  2. Determine the thread for repair

    If one of the threads is missing, count the number of loops that are missing using the adjacent fibers. Pull the same number of loops from a scrap of matching carpet.

  3. Apply carpet glue

    Apply a line of heavy-duty carpet glue that is about 1 inch long. Press the carpet thread back into the backing using the knitting needle and awl. As you come to the end of the space, apply more glue to the backing. Maintain loops in the thread that are the same size as the existing carpet nap.

  4. Continue the process for other snags

    Repair all snags in the carpet by repeating the process as needed. Once the glue is dry, remove the masking tape to complete repairs..

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