How Do You Repair a Bathroom Tub Drain?

How Do You Repair a Bathroom Tub Drain?

To fix a bathroom tub drain, cover up the drain, remove the overflow cover and fix the rods and stoppers running through the overflow. If any parts are broken, replace them before replacing the cover.

Run through the following steps to fix a bathroom tub drain.

  1. Cover the drain
  2. Cover the drain with a cloth or towel to keep small parts from falling down the pipes.

  3. Remove the overflow cover
  4. The overflow cover is located above the drain on the front wall of the tub. To take it off, remove the screws.

  5. Inspect the overflow drain
  6. Inspect the overflow drain for any loose or unhooked parts. If none of these are visible or they are not within reach from the drain, open the access door if the home has this type of panel present.

  7. Fix the connections
  8. Clean out the parts inside the drain. If the rods in the drain are unhooked, use a pick-up tool to reach them and reconnect them. Tighten any loose parts.

  9. Replace broken parts
  10. If any parts in the drain are broken, replace them.

  11. Clean and lubricate the drain
  12. Clean out the drain with one cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar. Pour boiling water down the drain to rinse out the solution. Lubricate the parts to ensure that they are in working order.

  13. Replace the overflow drain cover
  14. Place the cover back on the overflow drain and replace the screws.